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1993   Books                         

Fiction Best Sellers
The Bridges of Madison County - Robert James Waller   (Book) (Audio)
The Client - John Grisham   (Book) (Audio)
Slow Waltz at Cedar Bend - Robert James Waller   (Book)  
Without Remorse - Tom Clancy   (Book) (Audio)
Nightmares and Dreamscapes - Stephen King   (Book) (Audio)
Vanished - Danielle Steel   (Book) (Audio)
Lasher - Anne Rice   (Book) (Audio)
Pleading Guilty - Scott Turow   (Book) (Audio)
Like Water for Chocolate - Laura Esquivel   (Book) (Audio)
The Scorpio Illusion - Robert Ludlum   (Book) (Audio)

Nonfiction Best Sellers
See, I Told You So - Rush Limbaugh   (Book) (Audio)
Private Parts - Howard Stern   (Book)  
Seinlanguage - Jerry Seinfeld   (Book)  
Embraced by the Light - Betty J. Eadie, with Curtis Taylor   (Book) (Audio)
Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old - Deepak Chopra   (Book) (Audio)
Stop the Insanity! - Susan Powter   (Book) (Audio)
Women Who Run with the Wolves - Clarissa Pinkola Estes   (Book)  
Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus - John Gray   (Book) (Audio)
The Hidden Life of Dogs - Elizabeth Marshall Thomas   (Book) (Audio)
And If You Play Golf, You're My Friend - Harvey Penick, with Bud Shrake     

Pulitzer Fiction
A Good Scent From a Strange Mountain, Robert Olen Butler   (Book) (Audio)

Pulitzer Non-fiction
Lincoln at Gettysburg: The Words That Remade America, Garry Wills   (Book)  

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