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1993   Potpourri                 

  • NASA discovers a comet shaped like a chain of pearls will impact on Jupiter in 1994, which starts the "What if that was Earth" buzz. 
  • 98 million watched the last episode of Cheers; ads were $650,000 for 30 seconds 
  • The Ford Taurus tops the Honda Accord in total car sales. 
  • What's in: torn clothing, Snapple's exotic flavors, the new 29cent Elvis Presley stamp, Mortal Kombat video game and Joey Buttafuoco jokes. 
  • The Pentium processor, Video CD and Talking Barney are new. 
  • Quote: "I let him live on a farm. I guess he learned naturally from the animals that were around." (Pat Roberts, opposed to sex education in school, explaining his son's understanding of the facts of life) 
  • TV's graphic prime-time show, NYPD Blue, is immediately controversial. 
  • Sears ends its mail-order catalog business. 
  • Michael Jackson tells that his lightened skin color is due to a rare skin disease on the Oprah Winfrey show. 

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