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1995   Movies                       

$$$ -Top Movie Money Makers
Toy Story $191,773,049    (VHS) (DVD)
Batman Forever $183,997,904    (VHS) (DVD)
Apollo 13 $172,036,360    (VHS) (DVD)
Pocahontas $141,579,773    (VHS) (DVD)
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls $108,344,348    (VHS) (DVD)
Goldeneye $106,429,941    (VHS) (DVD)
Jumanji $100,367,773    (VHS) (DVD)
Casper $100,280,870    (VHS)  
Seven $100,123,974    (VHS) (DVD)
Die Hard With a Vengeance $100,003,359    (VHS) (DVD)

Other New Movie Releases
Assassins   (VHS) (DVD)
Babe   (VHS) (DVD)
Billy Madison   (VHS) (DVD)
Braveheart   (VHS) (DVD)
Casino   (VHS) (DVD)
Clueless   (VHS) (DVD)
Crimson Tide   (VHS) (DVD)
Get Shorty   (VHS) (DVD)
Mr. Holland's Opus   (VHS) (DVD)
Sense and Sensibility   (VHS) (DVD)
Sudden Death   (VHS) (DVD)
The American President   (VHS) (DVD)
The Bridges of Madison County   (VHS) (DVD)
The Postman   (VHS) (DVD)
Tommy Boy    (VHS) (DVD)
Under Siege 2 : Dark Territory   (VHS) (DVD)
Waterword   (VHS) (DVD)

Academy Awards
Best Actor:  Nicolas Cage: Leaving Las Vegas   (VHS) (DVD)
Best Actress:  Susan Sarandon: Dead Man Walking   (VHS) (DVD)
Best Director:  Mel Gibson: Braveheart    (VHS) (DVD)
Best Picture:  Mel Gibson, Alan Ladd Jr. and Bruce Davey: Braveheart   (VHS) (DVD)
Best Supporting Actor:  Kevin Spacey: The Usual Suspects   (VHS) (DVD)
Best Supporting Actress:  Mira Sorvino: Mighty Aphrodite   (VHS) (DVD)

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