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1995   News                           

News Headlines
  • 11 Die in Cult Nerve Gas Attack In Japanese Subway  
  • Car Bomb Destroys Federal Office Building In Oklahoma City 
  • $42 Billion Loan To Mexico IS Authorized By Clinton To Prevent Default 
  • Timothy McVeigh And Terry Nichols Are Arrested For Oklahoma Bombing 
  • Largest U.S. Bank Created with Merger Of Chase And Chemical Bank 
  • Senator Bob Packwood Is Expelled For Sexual Misconduct 
  • O. J Simpson Is Acquitted Of Murders 
  • Queen Publicly Urges Charles To Divorce Diana 

    In The News
  • U. S. space shuttle docks with Russian space station Mir 
  • Olympic swimmer Greg Louganis admits to having AIDS 
  • O.J. Simpson trial begins. 
  • Cal Ripkin sets record, 2,130 games played 
  • Former singer Sonny Bono becomes U.S. Congressman 
  • Died; Howard Cosell, Warren Burger, Lana Turner, Jonas Salk, Micky Mantle 

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