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1997   Potpourri                 

  • Tommy Hilfinger makes a mark on fashion as his popularity grows 
  • Lucy Lawless is hot as Xena Princess Warrior and paves the path for powerful female role models. 
  • Quote: "Yep, I'm gay." (Ellen DeGeneres, as herself and TV's "Ellen") 
  • Public Service ad: "Nuclear Weapons, May they Rust in Peace" 
  • TV ads for prescription drugs are showing up all over. 
  • Beanie Babies are a hit. 
  • DVD players, digital cameras and flavored vodka are new. 
  • Americans go aboard the Russian space station Mir and encounter numerous problems including a fire and collision with one of its modules. 
  • The new Barbie doll has a larger waistline and smaller breasts and more modest clothing. 
  • Children become so upset at the virtual Tamagotchi pet, which needs constant attention to stay alive, that the toys are banned by many schools and a new version is made that can be turned off. 
  • The cost of PCs drops below $1000 from Compaq and Hewlett Packard. 

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